ASI 224MC-Cool (color)

ASI 224MC-Cool (color)


  • ZWO ASI224MC-COOL advanced color astronomy camera with 1.2 megapixel CMOS sensor with 1304x976 resolution, 3.75 μm pixel size, and 6.09 mm diagonal
  • Integrated TEC cooling reduces sensor temperature to 35C to 40C below ambient to keep noise low to enable imaging of faint deep-sky objects
  • Produces single-shot color images without the need for a filter wheel and color filters
  • Ideal for capturing high-contrast and high-resolution color astronomical images of solar system objects and smaller deep-sky objects
  • Advanced Sony IMX224 sensor with Exmor technology for high-speed processing, low noise, and low power dissipation 
  • Fast USB 3.0 transfer at up to 150 fps at maximum 1304x976 resolution and 299 fps at 640x480; interface is backward compatible to USB 2.0
  • Attractive red anodized CNC aluminum body stands up to heavy field use
  • Ready to go out of the box with software, cables, adapters, and manual
  • Compact body with 78mm diameter and weight of only 410 g


Our brand new cooled version of  ASI224MC Color Camera allows the sensor to be cooled to 35C to 40C degrees below ambient! Here is a 60s long exposure dark file of this Camera . ASI224MC has a 1/3″ and 1.2M pixels sensor IMX224 with SONY Exmor and NIR Technology. Extremely low read noise (1.5 e) and high sensitivity especially in IR range. Very suitable for astronomy planetary and small DSO imaging.

PCB Version1.3 (include Anti-amp glow function)

Most sensor will have amp-glow problem only if you do long-time exposure capture, such as longer than 1s. We apply “amp glow reduction technology” to our ASI224MC and ASI224MC-C camera, it is a hardware modification to reduce the amp-glow of the sensor, not every sensor can benefit from this modification, but it is obvious for ASI224MC, so this upgrade is for ASI224MC and ASI224MC-C only.We made this change since April 2016, which means the current unit (ASI224MC and ASI224MC-C) we produce all equipped with the newest PCB version —V1.3. Relative QE Curve, we estimate the Peak Value should between 75%-80%. Super Low Read Noise less than 1e which can compare with sCMOS or EMCCD sensors.

Packing List:

  1. ZWO ASI185MC-COOL Frozen camera body
  2. M42-1.25 "adapter
  3. 1.25 "dust cover
  4. 2 meters long USB 3.0 line
  5. 30cm long USB 2.0 short x2
  6. Dry desiccant
  7. Drive CD




  • Sensor: 1/3 "CMOS IMX224 / IMX225 
  • Resolution: 1.2Mega pixels 1304X976 
  • Pixel Size: 3.75μm 
  • Sensor Size: 4.8mm * 3.6mm 
  • Diagonal: 6.09mm 
  • Exposure Range: 32μs-1000s 
  • ROI: Support 
  • ST4 Navigation: Yes Of the 
  • focal length to the sensor: 12.5mm 
  • Shutter type: Rolling shutter 
  • protection window: AR coating window 
  • Operating system compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux 
  • Interface: USB3.0 / USB2.0 
  • Bit rate: 12bit output (12bit ADC) 
  • Adapter: / 1.25 "/ M42X0.75 
  • Size: 78 mm Diameter Weight: 410g 
  • Back focal length: 17.5mm 
  • Cooling: Adjust two levels of TEC 
  • δT: 35-40 ℃ 
  • Cooler power requirements: 12V, 2A max

Support resolution

  • 10bit ADC / 12bit ADC 
  • 1304 × 976 150fps / 64fps 
  • 1280 × 960 152.4fps / 65fps 
  • 800 × 600 241.2fps / 102.9fps 
  • 640 × 480 299.4fps / 127.6fps 
  • 320 × 240 577.9fps / 256.4fps 

More resolution can be defined by the user