Takahashi TOA-150 OTA

Takahashi TOA-150 OTA

The TOA-150 is the floret of the range of apochromatic refractors, proposed by Takahashi. As usual, the Japanese company has manufactured one of the most beautiful and powerful telescopes that can be found on the worldwide market.

Incomparable optics providing a very small residual chromatism and featuring reliable and robust mechanics, that is what TOA-150 will provide to any amateur astronomers looking for the best. No matter what you are looking for, from deep sky CCD imaging to high-resolution planetary visual observation, TOA-150 will bring you the best. Moreover, all your needs will be fulfilled by a large range of accessories.

The TOA-150 is available either the tube itself (OTA) or complete configuration. In spite of its size and its weight, this refractor can be used as an itinerant mode, particularly when it is associated with the EM-400 equatorial mount. This will allow the end-user to take advantage of the best night skies.


The objective of TOA-150 (D=150mm, F=1100mm, F/D 7,3) is an air-spaced triplet of which two of the lenses consist of ED glass with very weak chromatic dispersion. Its optical design, that has gone through many years of R&D experiences, is a state-of-the-art. Due to its fast focal ratio, Takahashi engineers had to optimize the space between the lenses in order to minimize chromatic and geometric aberrations. The objective is assembled in a precise mechanical barrel, entirely adjustable. Collimation is easy to realize and makes it possible to adapt perfectly optical requirements to the conditions of observation or imaging. The tube has a retractable dew shield.

As on the TOA-130F, the rack-and-pinion focuser has been reinforced and oversized, first to take completely advantage of the field of full light (90mm with the #67 field corrector !), to ensure a perfect rigidity of all the assemblies attached at prime focus and also to balance the tube, taking into account the very important weight of the objective. A balancing cradle, equipped with a handle, has been added to fulfill this function. The focuser is equipped with a camera angle adjuster for photo framing. The focuser can be equipped, in option, with a microreducer.

The range of accessories for TOA-150 refractor is extremely large, for both optical (field flatteners, reducers or multipliers of focal length) or mechanical (extension tubes, photo adapters, etc…) purposes. No matter what end-users needs are, visual or photographic, this large range of accessories will satisfy them. Please refer to system-charts for specific assemblies.

Optical Specification:

  • Optical design- Triplet Ortho Apochromatique
  • Optical mounting- Air spaced
  • Glass types- SD/ED
  • Optical coatings- Fully Multi-Coated
  • Aperture- 150mm
  • Resolution- 0.77”
  • Visual limiting magnitude- 12.7
  • Light grasp- 459x
  • Focal length- 1100mm
  • Focal ratio- F/7.3
  • Focal length (with TOA-FL35 flattener)- 1080mm
  • Focal ratio- F/7.2
  • Image circle- 40mm
  • Focal length (with TOA-FL67 flattener)- 1090mm
  • Focal ratio- F/7.3
  • Image circle- 90mm (60% non-vignetted)
  • Focal length (with TOA-RD reducer)- 860mm
  • Focal ratio- F/5.7
  • Image circle- 50mm (60% non-vignetted)
  • Focal length (with extender-TOA 1.6)- 1760mm
  • Focal ratio- F/11.7
  • Image circle- 40mm
  • Rack-and-pinion focuser diameter- 101.6mm
  • Tube length (mini/maxi)- 1100mm-1290mm (with standard accessories)***
  • Tube diameter- 179mm
  • Tube weight- 14.6 kg (balancing couterweight cradle : 4.8 kg)

***Retractable dew-shield