Practical guide spectroscopy Book

Practical guide spectroscopy Book

Practical guide for (well) to begin in astronomical spectroscopy , by François Cochard (co-founder of Shelyak Instruments and active amateur astronomer). 
Preface by Claude CATALA, President of the Observatoire de Paris.
Recommended by: Sky & Space, Astronomy, Astronomy Magazine, Astrosurf Magazine, Les Cahiers Clairaut ...

Astronomical spectroscopy has developed strongly in recent years, and more and more amateur astronomers are embarking on the adventure. Obtaining a star spectrum is nowadays very accessible with a modest material - provided to put a little method, and to advance step by step. 

This book presents itself as a guide and is very practical. There is plenty of room for common sense. It covers all aspects necessary to accompany you towards high quality and fast observations with a slit spectroscope. It speaks (necessarily) of astrophysics and optics, but it is neither a course of astrophysics nor a course of optics and no prerequisite is necessary. 

Much of the work is devoted to the preparation of the instrument and the observation on the ground, because it is often at this stage that the beginner observers encounter the most difficulty with the installation of several equipment ( Telescope, spectroscope, camera ...). 

Gradually, you will learn to get your first spectra, reduce the data, and then look at them with increasing demands, to finally realize that you are doing physical measurements. 

1. Enter amateur astronomical spectroscopy 
2. Light 
3. What light tells us stars 
4. What observations with which instrument? 
5. Optical principles of a spectroscope 
6. Main parameters of a spectroscope 
7. CCD camera and acquisition software 
8. Set the spectroscope on a table 
9. Physical measurement and data reduction 
10. A first spectroscopic observation: the Sun 
11 Control the telescope 
12. Install the spectroscope on the telescope 
13. Spectroscopic observation of a (other) star 
14. Measure the quality of the spectrum 
15. Be adventurous 16. Conclusion 

ISBN: 978-2-7598-1784- 9 
272 color pages 
Collection: EDP Sciences / profile