This video instrusitor was specifically developed to meet the needs of members of the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) who wish to use video streams to have a significant temporal accuracy of astronomical phenomena such as asteroidal occultations, mutual phenomena, etc.

This case is in PAL version (25 frames / sec) for use with the video camera Watec 910 HX / RC CCIR. 

Getting Started
Only three cables are needed to start up. After powering on, the GPS finds your position (the first start takes a little longer than it did later). 

LED indicators are used to control the correct functioning of the VTI and the information is embedded in your video signal (thus visible on your own visual display). 

A Kodak Step Screw (1 / 4-20) is available to assist in attaching the VTI to a tripod or other bracket. 

What you need
- a 12V power supply with 5.5mm * 2.1mm connector (positive center) 
- a video signal in RCA / PAL format - a video 
display or a video digitizer that accepts an IOTA-VTI signal with an RCA jack.

● RCA input in / out format; PAL (25 fps)
● Kodak tripod mount for tripod
● Built-in GPS, a few minutes to locate the signal
● A home screen at startup
● A position screen (user selection)
● A line inlayed for the time