Atik Titan mono

Atik Titan mono

       The Atik Titan CCD camera is a highly sensitive guidance camera ideal for low resolution spectroscopy such as the LISA spectroscope or the Alpy guidance module.

You will find in your shipment:

  • Camera with adapter 31.75 mm
  • 3m USB cable
  • Power cable of 1.8m
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software, user manual (PDF)
  • Paper introduction guide
  • Sensor: Sony ICX424 
  • Image size: 659x494 pixels Pixel 
  • size: 7.4μm 
  • ADC: 16 bit 
  • Playback noise: 5 e- 
  • Interface: USB 
  • Power supply: 12v DC 0.55A 
  • Cooling: pelletier effect, delta T = -20 ° C max. 
  • Weight: 350g
  • Edition: 12 mm 
  • Mechanical Connection: M42x0.75
  • Dimensions: diameter 110 mm X 54 mm 

The Atik CCD cameras operate with AudeLA free software using the ASCOM platform. 

Note 1: Use the M42-C & C / CS adapters for use on the LISA  and the Alpy guidance module. 

Note 2: The Atik Titan guidance camera will not work with a Lhires III and an Atik 314L + due to the guidance port too close to the acquisition port. The Watec 910HX / RC CCIR video camera   with a very precise adjustment of gain and exposure time is more recommended for high resolution with a Lhires III or eShel.

  Note 3: 12v power supply with 2.1 mm connectors not included