B1200 2inch BF Diagonal with T2 Connection

B1200 2inch BF Diagonal with T2 Connection


  • Sharp, clear full disc images.
  • Unique Lunt Solar Systems design.
  • Full Lunt Solar Systems Warranty when paired with Lunt front Etalon.


     The Lunt Solar Systems B1200 Blocking Filter is its own unique system which houses an additional filter in a diagonal body with 2" T2 Connection. The blocking filter is required element for the safety and performance of any solar package - including Lunt H-Alpha parts. The Lunt Solar Systems B1200 filter will provide a full disk image of the Sun with telescopes that have a maximum of 1200mm of focal length. 

     Choose your blocking filter carefully for your telescope's focal length. If you were to use a larger blocking filter than is necessary to achieve a full disk image on your telescope system, the result may show image "ghosts" at the edge of the field of view! For best performance, be sure to pair your Lunt Solar Systems h-Alpha filter with the proper sized Lunt blocking filter. Because Lunt Solar Systems blocking filters contain a unique filter system. Lunt will only warranty the safety and/or performance of their systems when a Lunt blocking filter is paired with a Lunt Solar Systems Etalon system. 

      Lunt Solar Systems creates their line of h-alpha solar telescopes and h-alpha accessories in Tuscon, Arizona. They have put together a group of experienced solar enthusiasts who are looking forward to energizing the hobby with a continued commitment to advancing technologies, pride in quality, and the highest level of customer care. These are names you'll recognize, including Andrew Lunt with 20 years of optical design, Markus Ludes with his extensive knowledge of telescope design, Manny Serrano as a design engineer and Brian Stevens assembling, repairing and troubleshooting etalon systems. neer and Brian Stevens assembling, repairing and troubleshooting etalon systems.