100mm telescope,12mm blocking filter

100mm telescope,12mm blocking filter


  • New, patented etalon technology and different components.
  • Prone to less thermal disturbances and de-contacting.
  • Stylized pearl white paint with black anodized trim.
  • Pressure tuner for true Doppler tuning
  • Clamshell mount, 10:1 Feather Touch focuser and padded hard case included!


       Now introducing the Lunt Solar Systems LS100/Ha H-Alpha Telescope! This refractor-based system starts off with a precision aligned ED doublet lens with a 100mm aperture. The front singlet lens reduces half of the stray light of an achromatic and it fully eliminates the possibility of an on axis coma, astigmatism, de-centering aberrations. It provides with the matched collimation lens set a full spherical corrected flat-field. 

Inside this custom-made refractor, you'll find an internal etalon with tune adjustment which allows for a maximum of <0.75 Angstrom band pass. You'll get a sharp, crisp ~7.3mm image through its a 12mm blocking filter, revealing excellent details on both the solar surface, limb edge, flares and prominences. 

  • Aperture- 100mm
  • Emission line- H-alpha
  • Blocking or ERF Aperture- 12mm
  • Bandwidth- <0.75 A
  • Telescope Focal Length- 800mm
  • Focal ratio- f/8
  • Included tuner
  • Included Solar Finder
  • Optical tube weight- 5.89 Kg