UM3090 spectro-module is a new OtO optical platform with 50% footprint down size compared to UM1280/UM2280 series. Besides the smaller size, the SMA905 is designed as an optional features. The customer can design he optical detector hea (like collimator or cosine-corrector) to attach to the UM3090 to save the SMA905 space. UM3090 is designed as the right-angled SMA905 type. There is one micro reflection mirror to change the incident light path. UM3090 provides more flexibility for OEM customer on the product design and integration.


SONY ILX902AA Detector

High sensitivity detector

Readout Rate: 2MHz


Optical resolution: 6~10nm (FWHM)

Slit width: 25 or 40 µm

Electrical Performance

Integration times: from 1ms to the time user defined

Absolute Maximum ratings

CCD input power VCC: +5.25 VDC

Physical Specifications

Physical dimensions (without SMA905 connector):

UM3090: 23.2 mm(W) x 31 mm(D) x 8.5mm(H)

Weight: 13g


Power requirement: 5mA at +5 VDC

Supply voltage: 4.5-5.5V


MEMS Optical Structure

Input fiber connector: SMA 905(optional)

Entrance slit: 25 or 40 µm

Detector: Sony ILX902AA CCD

Filters: 2nd & 3rd order rejection


Wavelength range: 340 ~ 850nm

Integration time: 1ms ~ user defined

Resolution (FWHM): 6~10 nm

Environmental Conditions

Temperature: -30°C to +70°C Storage & -10°C to +50°C Operation

Humidity: 0%-90% non-condensing


CCD direct control