UM3080 spectro-module is a new OtO optical platform with 50% footprint down size compared to UM1280/UM2280 series. Besides the smaller size, the SMA905 is designed as an optional features. The customer can design he optical detector hea (like collimator or cosine-corrector) to attach to the UM3080 to save the SMA905 space. 


SONY ILX902AA Detector

High sensitivity detector

Readout Rate: 2MHz


Optical resolution: 6~10nm (FWHM)

Slit width: 25 or 40 µm

Electrical Performance

Integration times: from 1ms to the time user defined

Absolute Maximum ratings

CCD input power VCC: +5.25 VDC

Physical Specifications

Physical dimensions (without SMA905 connector):

UM3080: 23.2 mm(W) x 31 mm(D) x 10mm(H)

Weight: 13g


Power requirement: 5mA at +5 VDC

Supply voltage: 4.5-5.5V


MEMS Optical Structure

Input fiber connector: SMA 905(optional)

Entrance slit: 25 or 40 µm

Detector: Sony ILX902AA CCD

Filters: 2nd & 3rd order rejection


Wavelength range: 340 ~ 850nm

Integration time: 1ms ~ user defined

Resolution (FWHM): 6~10 nm

Environmental Conditions

Temperature: -30°C to +70°C Storage & -10°C to +50°C Operation

Humidity: 0%-90% non-condensing


CCD direct control