Very High QE Very Low Noise

The QHY21/22/23 camera uses SONY's high-sensitivity EXview II CCD chips. Although not back-lluminated, the QE of these sensors is very close to the performance of back-illuminated sensors (nearly 80%) and also exhibit very low dark current noise.


2-Stage Cooling -45C Delta T

The cameras have a typical cooling capacity of -45 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature, producing exceptionally low dark current. Often, imagers do not bother to subtract dark frames with these sensors.

High Performance

Low Read Noise Better Image

These cameras have typical read noise around 5 electrons. When shooting dark targets and using narrow-band filters, low readout noise means smoother images, and you can get better images after stacking.


Small Size Wide Range of Applicable Telescopes

The pixel sizes of the sensors used in the QHY21, 22, 23 cameras are relatively small. Compared with larger pixel CCDs, this allows for higher detail using smaller telescopes. You can get a stunning view with a shorter focal length optical system.

Cable Clamps Anti-Dew

A fixed clip for the USB and power cord is included. Even if the equatorial mount is slewing at high speed, you won't lose the USB and power cord. Anti-dew measures include a sealed CCD chamber with a desiccant tube connector and CCD chamber window heater.

Electronic Shutter

An electronic shutter makes fast exposures possible with accurate exposure timing.

Filter Wheel Interface

The self-locking filter wheel cable is secure and reliable.

Cooling Capacity

The camera has a deep cooling capacity typically below -45 degrees Celsius.

Model QHY21 QHY22 QHY23
CCD Sensor ICX674 ICX694 ICX814
Pixel Size 4.5um*4.5um 4.5um*4.5um 3.69um*3.69um
Resolution 1940*1460 2758*2208 3388*2712
Effective Pixels 2.8mega  6.1mega  9.2mega 
Effective Image Area 8.73mm*6.57mm 13.79mm*9.93mm 12.5mm*10.07mm
AD Sample Depth 16bit 16bit 16bit
Sensor Size 2/3inch 1inch 1inch
Readout Noise 4e to 5e- 4e to 5e- 4e to 5e-
Peak QE 79% 79% 79%
Fullwell 15-20ke- 15-20ke- 15-20ke-
Monochrome Version QHY21-M QHY22-M QHY23-M
Back Focal Length 17mm(±0.5) 17mm(±0.5) 17mm(±0.5)
Weight 516gram 516gram 516gram
Guide Port 6PIN RJ11 Guide Port
Cooling System Dual Stage TEC(-45C below Ambient)
Camera Interface M42/0.75