Esprit 120ED APO Triplet

Esprit 120ED APO Triplet

Esprit 120ED Super APO Triplet 

    The 5-element 80/100/120/150 ED Super APO Triplet refractors are identical to the triplet ED120 and triplet ED150 refractors, but they have in addition a doublet field flattener lens to get a 44mm diameter flat field without aberration and distortion.

   Their M48x0.75 adapter for cameras assure larger clear aperture than the classic M42x0.75 adapter (also called T adapter) and thus eliminates any vignetting (loss of light in the edges) on big full frame cameras.


  • Premium optical materials
  • Short focal length and full frame corrected focal plane
  • Excellent field flatness
  • Precision linear power focuser is standard
  • Metallic high-transmission lens coatings
  • Light-baffled optical systems
  • Telescope tube attachment hardware

Optical Design

Apochromatic Refractor

Diameter / Aperture

120 mm

Focal length

840 mm

Highest Practical Power




Finder Scope

8x50 Right angle Erect Image 


2" 90 deg. Dielectric Diagonal with 1.25" adapter

Focuser Diameter

3" linear Power Focuser

Eye Piece

LET 2"-28mm

Tube Weight


Tube Dimensions


Shipping Weight

26 kg

Shipping Dimensions

122x46x48cm 3