6x30 Finderscope with bracket

6x30 Finderscope with bracket

Skywatcher 6x30 finderscope with bracket ... powerful finderscope with achromatic objective

This 6x30 finderscope shows much more, than the 5x24 finder. It shows stars to 9mag. The finder has an achromatic 2-element objective with 30mm aperture.

Bracket of the 6x30 finder:

     The metal bracket is very stable. It allows a very comfortable adjustment with 2 screws. The bracket fits each Celestron, Skywatcher and TS findershoe. With the optional findershoe you can adapt the finder to nearly each telescope.


  • Achromatic objective: 2-element with 30mm diameter
  • Bracket: Adjustable with 2 screws - spring system
  • Aperture/Diameter: 30mm 
  • Magnification: 6x with cross hair eyepiece