Variable Polarising Filter 2"

Variable Polarising Filter 2"

Olivon Variable Polarizing Filter

    These high quality anodized aluminium, optical glass variable polarizing filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering your eyepiece. When observing bright objects such as the Moon or certain planets, you can progressively dim the view to a level according to your needs, whilst increasing contrast.

    You can also reduce the glare and increase the amount of detail that can be studied. The light transmission can be varied from 40% down to as little as 1%.

    The filter will not change the colour of the object being viewed and will prevent eye fatigue and loss of night vision. Each filter set consists of two polarizing filters, one of which can be rotated in its cell to adjust the brightness.

    The filters, used as single elements, can also be used for daytime terrestrial use for reducing sunlight glare from lakes, oceans, window glass and etc.

    The Variable Polarizers are available in two sizes, threaded to fit either standard 1.25” or 2” astronomical eyepieces.

    Recommended for viewing brighter objects.