2"-1.25" 110° 5mm (E-XWA 05)

2"-1.25" 110° 5mm (E-XWA 05)

3.5mm 110 degree extremely wide angle eyepiece

Newest W.O. Extremly Wide Angle eyepiece. Great performance at a great price!! It perfectly fits the description of "a great premium eyepiece at an unbeatable price": you will never part with it, and it will give you great high-power views of our galaxy for many nights. Check out prices of competing products and make up your mind after a trial session with this outstanding eyepiece. Exclusively from William Optics.

Internally baffled, All lenses' edges and internal spacers blackened, Fully multicoated. 1.25" and 2" filter threads included.

Extremly Wide FOV

  • Outstanding ultra-wide field of view: 110 deg. F.O.V.
  • Fully Multi Coated lenses for excellent light transmittance.
  • Reduced chromatic aberration.
  • Improved contrast compared to similar EPs.

Great Contrast

  • Fully internally blackened (lenses’ edges and internal spacers).
  • No flaring or ghosting on high-contrast objects.
  • Parfocal.
  • No internal reflections, kidney beaning or other distracting distortions.

Terrific Fit and Finish

  • High-resistance anodized black barrel.
  • Smooth design for no hook up in your focuser.
  • Threaded for filters’ usage.
  • Model: E-XWA05
  • Focal Length: 5mm
  • Field Stop Diameter: 48.3mm
  • Lens Structure (#Elements/#Groups): 8/6
  • Field of View: 110°
  • Eye Relief: 15mm
  • Barrel: Comes with 2 barrels (2" and 1.25")
  • Coating: FMC
  • Parfocal: Yes
  • WxH: 65mmx175mm
  • Weight: 935gram