Quattro 250 ST

Quattro 250 ST

  • Steel TUBE (QUATTRO 250 ST):
    Fast focal ratio of f/4.
    Black Diamond P250/F1000 Reflector. This is especially important for astro-photographers dealing with long exposure times. Imaging telescopes made of less thermally stable material can deviate from optimum focus after long time exposures. It can remain in focus for a longer period of time and long exposure images will stay clear and in focus.  

    Tube interiors are equipped with knife-edge ray traced baffles.  

    2" DUAL-SPEED LINEAR POWER FOCUSER (both models): The new linear power focuser utilises 4 precision ball bearings to support the drawtube and provide great stability and zero image shift while supporting a heavy eyepiece or camera. Moving the drawtubeby the roller rather than a rack and pinion ensures exceptionally smooth operation, great feel and precise adjustability. The dual-speed feature has a second focus knob that has a 10:1 speed reduction to provide the super-fine adjustments even the most demanding users can appreciate.

    PYREX MIRRORS: Both models feature paraboloidal primary mirrors made of low thermal expansion Pyrex glass resulting in substantially shorter cooling-down times.
  • It comes with a impressive 0.5 mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports and it offers 56% more Light-Gathering than the 200mm.

  • Optical Design: Reflector
  • Diameter: 254
  • Focal Length: 1000mm
  • F/Ratio: f/4
  • Highest Practical Power: 508x
  • Finder Scope: 8x50
  • Focuser Diameter: 2" (50.8mm) Dual-Speed 10:1 Linear Power Focuser
  • Tube Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Tube Dimensions: 25.75cmx73cm
  • Shipping Dimensions: 106x48x48 cm3