QHY128 C

QHY128 C

High Performance
Full Frame Format 74ke- Full Well

The QHY128C is one of the top performing cameras in the COLDMOS line. The Sony Exmor IMX128 sensor is used in the Nikon D600 DSLR. In the QHY128C this sensor is implemented specifically for astronomical use with custom thermal noise reduction technology. With low (1e- to 4e-) read noise, 5.97um pixels, 74ke- full well capacity and 14-bit A/D, the camera has a dynamic range of more than 14 stops.


True Raw 14-bits

Many cameras claim to output RAW image files, but there is often still some internal processing performed on the image. This can have a negative effect on the image for astronomy such as the "star eater" effect. The QHY128C outputs TRUE RAW data, preserving the original data for maximum compatibility with astronomical imaging processing programs and other scientific imaging applications.

Extremely Low Dark Current
Best Performance 0.0006e-/p/s

In addition to dual stage TE cooling, QHYCCD implements proprietary technology in hardware to control the dark current noise in the QHY128C. As a result the dark current of this camera is a remarkable 0.0006e-/p/s at -15C, the lowest dark current of any camera in the COLDMOS line.

MAR Coatings

Multi Layer AR Reduces HalosThe optical window has high quality AR+AR multi-layer coatings. In addition the sensor surface is AR coated, all of which significantly reduces halos around bright stars. IR blocking is not present, so that the cameras can be used with maximum sensitivity to H-alpha and near IR when desired, or a simple IR blocking filter (L filter) can be attached for typical RGB imaging with IR cut.

Easy Calibration No Extra Noise

With the QHYCCD anti-amp glow technology, the QHY128C exhibits zero amplifier glow, even in long exposures. This makes long exposures of DSOs possible and easier to process. There are only a few CMOS cameras that can achieve zero amplifier glow results. The QHY128C is one.

Anti-Dew Technology

The QHY128C benefits from more than a decade of cooled camera design experience. QHYCCD has implemented full dew control solutions. The optical window has a built-in dew heater and the CMOS chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation.

Flexible Attachments

QHYCCD offers a variety of mechanical adapters for the QHY128C allowing it to fit a broad range of accessories, including the QHYCCD OAG, 0.5mm-27.5mm flexible back focus adjust spacer, 2-inch T-ring, IR filter holder and more. QHYCCD has a combination table which can be found on specification page.

128MB DDR Buffer

The QHY128C has a 128MB DDRII buffer. This is much greater than one full frame and is ideal for buffering the image in the camera. It helps tremendously with slower computers and also USB2.0 connections. It improves the data transfer stability and flow control.

  • Version: QHY128C
  • AR Coating On Sensor: Yes
  • Pixel Size: 5.97um*5.97um
  • Effective Pixel Area: 6036*4028
  • Effective Total Pixels: 24 megapixels
  • Effective Image Area: 36.03mm*24.05mm
  • Fullwell: 74ke-
  • AD Sample Depth: 14bit ADC, output as 16bit and 8bit
  • Typical Sensor Size: Full Frame Size
  • Max Frame Rate @ Full Resolution: 5FPS
  • Full Frame Rate in ROI: 9FPS@2160 LINES  (eg. 7400*2160, 4096*2160 etc) 16.5FPS@1080 LINES (eg.7400*1080,1920*1080 etc) 22.5FPS@768 LINES 32FPS@480 LINES                
  • Readout Noise: 1.8e- to 4e-   (2.7e- @unity gain)
  • Dark Current: 0.0006e/pixel/sec @ -15C
  • Dynamic Range: >17000:1  (More than 14 STOPs)
  • Exposure Range: 60us-3600sec
  • Shutter Type: Electric Rolling Shutter
  • Computer Interface: USB3.0
  • Color Version: QHY128C
  • Mono Version: QHYCCD and ChipMod can supply the monochrome MOD version. Please consult Dealer
  • Cooled System: Dual Stage TEC cooling (about -35C below ambient)
  • Optic Window Type: with AR+AR High Quality Multi-layer Anti-Reflection coating (User need install the UVIR cut filter to the camera)
  • Built in Anti-Dew Heater: Yes
  • Telescope Interface: M54/0.75 female thread (on the faster installer/center adjust ring)
  • Back Focal Length: 18mm(±0.5)
  • Weight: 788gram